Chapter 12: Huck and Jim travel away from the island on a raft. They only travel at night to avoid being seen. When Huck and Jim needed food or supplies, they would hunt or steal it. As for stealing, they felt sort of bad so they put some stuff back. While sailing, Huck and Jim come upon a wrecked steam ship. Huck decides to explore it against Jim's wishes. Aboard the ship were three robbers. Two of the robbers were going to let the third drown with the ship. Huck wanted to balance out the stealing by cutting the ship's ties so none of the robbers could escape. Unfortunately, the raft Jim and Huck had floated away. In order for themselves to get away, they took the robber's boat.
Chapter 13:  Huck and Jim find their raft and pull both the raft and the boat to shore.  Huck feels bad for leaving the robbers, because Huck considers himself a robber also.  On shore,  Huck convinces a ferryboat operator to come and help.  He believes the Widow Douglas would have been proud of him for helping.  As the steamboat drifts by, it is clear to Huck and Jim that the robbers did not survive. 
Chapter 14:  Jim and Huck find many valuable items in the robbers' boat.  Their treasures included cigars, clothes, and a lot of books.  Huck read one book while waiting for nightfall.  Jim tells Huck that he does not like adventure stories but is astonished by the stories of kings from the book.  Huck and Jim argue about different parts of the stories.  In the end they both stay convinced of their side.

Chapter 9:  Jim and Huck go to the middle of the island where there is a cavern.  The cavern was a marvelous size and was high enough for Jim to stand in.  They stayed in the cavern that night, because the birds told Jim it was going to rain.  A thunderstorm came later that night.  The river rose so much that of there was three to four feet water in the low parts of the island.  Jim and Huck used the canoe to get around the island.  At night, they searched for things floating down the river.  One day, they found a house with a dead man inside.  Jim and Huck found many useful items in the house.  After retrieving the items, Jim and Huck let the house continue down the river.
Chapter 10:  Huck and Jim found eight dollars in silver sewed inside one of the coats they took from the house.  Although this was good luck, they were still waiting for the bad luck they would receive for touching the skin of a snake.  One day, Huck killed a rattlesnake that was in the cavern and put it beside Jim's blanket.  Huck forgot that a snake's mate curls up next to its dead mate.  When Jim crawled into bed, he was bit.  It took four days and nights for his leg to return to normal.   After awhile, Huck got the idea that he wanted to in to the main land to get information.  Jim dressed Huck up as a girl, Huck sailed to an unfamiliar Illinois town.
Chapter 11:  Huck went into a woman's house when he reached the shore.  She was new to the area and did not recognize Huck.  The woman gave Huck very valuable information.  There was a $300 reward for Jim, because he was a suspect for Huck's murder.  In addition, there was a $200 reward for Pap, who ran away claiming he was searching for the murderer.  Pap was also a suspect for the murder.  Before Huck left the woman's house, she asked him for his real name.  She knew he was a boy all along.  When Huck returned to the island, he told Jim they had to leave.  People were searching for Jim.

Chapter 7:   It is now June, and the river is rising.  Luckily, Pap believed Huck's story about the intruder.  After being questioned, Huck went out to check for fish.  While checking for fish, Huck retrieved a canoe and was able to hide it from Pap.  Later, after Pap left for town, Huck escaped the cabin.  He took everything he could.  The Huck killed a wild boar and used its blood to make the cabin look like a murder scene.  Huck wanted Pap to believe Huck was murdered.  After dark, Huck made a getaway to Jackson's Island.
Chapter 8:  Huck woke up in the morning to the sound of cannons.  The town was searching for him.  They used cannons to try and find a drowned body.  Pap, Tom, Widow Douglas, and Judge Thatcher were on the boat.  Huck watched the boat as it sailed around the island.  While he was following to boat, Huck found the remains of a fire.  The fire worried Huck.  It meant that he could be discovered.  That night, Huck followed the smoke of the fire.  When Huck got close, he discovered that the person was Jim.  Jim had run away form Miss Watson, because he was going to be sold.   Jim and Huck are now allies on the island.

         In the beginning of chapter four, Huck talks about school.  He has been in school for three to four months.  He is beginning to like school.  In addition, Widow Douglas is very proud of Huck's progress.  One morning, before school, Huck spilled the salt.  Huck believed in bad luck omens.  Widow Douglas would not let Huck throw salt over his shoulder to keep away the bad luck.  Later that day, Huck found his father's shoe prints in the snow.  Huck wanted to ward off his bad luck with his father.  To do so, Huck gave all his money to Judge Thatcher.  Furthermore, Huck went to see Jim, whose hairball could see the future.  The hairball told Huck that his father was unsure of what he was going to do.  When Huck returned to the house, his father was sitting on the bed.
            In chapter five, Huck's father takes custody of Huck.  His father is a drunk and made Huck give him money for alcohol.  Widow Douglas and Judge Thatcher tried to petition for custody of Huck.  Unfortunately, the judge who heard them was new to the county and would not take custody away from a father.  The new judge met with Huck's father and tried to civilize him.  This effort was unsuccessful.  Once a drunk, always a drunk.
             Chapter six is about Huck and his father.  Huck went to school when his father told him not to.  To keep his father occupied, Huck gives him money for booze.  One day, Pap, Huck's father, captured Huck and took him to a remote cabin three miles away.  In the cabin, Huck would try to please Pap, but there was no one there to stop the him.  When Pap would go to town, Huck would be locked in the cabin.  One day, while Pap was in town, Huck found a saw and began to create an escape hole.  He was part way done when Pap came home.  Later that night, Pap thought he was being attacked by the angel of death.  Pap held a knife to Huck, because Pap thought Huck was the angel of death.  When Pap passed out, Huck grabbed the gun and pointed it at Pap in case the angel of death came again.

          In the first chapter of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn recounts the end of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer.  Huckleberry Finn is living with the widow, who is trying to civilize him.  Unfortunately, he does not want to be civilized.  Huckleberry Finn wants to wander and be free. The widow does not allow him to smoke, eat before prayer, or slouch.  He tried to run away, but Tom Sawyer asked him to come back.  At the end of the chapter, Huckleberry is meeting Tom in the woods at midnight.
             In chapter two, Tom, Huckleberry, and two or three other boys start a gang for
robbery and murder.  The boys take an oath to never tell the secrets of the
gang.  If a boy would tell the secrets, he and his family would be killed.  All but one of the boys officially signed their name, in blood, to the oath.  After deciding when to meet again, all of the boys went home.  Huckleberry climbed in his window at the crack of dawn.
            In chapter three, Miss Watson tries to teach Huckleberry how to pray.  Praying in unsuccessful for Huckleberry.  He does not understand spiritual gifts.  As for his gang, it split up after a month.  The gang only pretended to rob and kill travelers.  They pretended a Sunday School class was a group of Spanish merchants and Arabs.  The chapter also included the supposed death of Huckleberry's father.  Huckleberry does not believe that his father is dead and the idea of him still being alive scares him.